We at Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. keep a breeding flock of 80-90 of high quality breeding hens and cock birds combined, spread over the seven standard American Poultry Association recognized varieties of Plymouth Rocks. From this large genetic nucleus we raise a large volume of offspring and only select the very best of each variety, this high level of selection intensity allows Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. to continually improve all varieties of Plymouth Rocks.


Genetic improvement of the Plymouth Rock breed is the only focus at Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. is always striving to produce very high quality Plymouth rocks that are both productive and competitive in any show ring. We accomplish this by relying on known genetic improvement strategies based on years of experience and knowledge.


Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. is committed to setting high standards for the continuous genetic improvement, performance, exhibition, and perseveration of the Plymouth Rock Breed and other heritage breeds.


Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. is a proud member of the American Poultry Association. We continually strive to breed our stock to the American Poultry Association Standard of Perfection. We at Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. believe our commitment to breeding to the Standard of Perfection is what sets us apart.