Ever wanted those special birds but can't find them in your area? Want us to locate and ship them to you? Maybe you've found a buyer, but are unsure about how to get the birds to them. Precision Plymouth Rocks Inc. has gained a wealth of experience shipping birds all over Canada. We also attend a number of shows throughout Ontario and we can usually find the best stock available in many breeds and varieties. We specialize in Plymouth Rocks, but want to help and encourage all poultry fanciers to enjoy this great hobby.

Service Fees

Description                 Rate

Travel                                                         $ .50/km

Border Crossing (if required)                 $150

Overnight (if required)                            $200/ Night 

Local Pick Up                                            $50

Delivery To Pearson Airport                  $175

Shipping Crates                                       $25



Vet Fees                                                     Cost

Border Fees                                              Cost

Customs Fees                                           Cost

Fees are subject to HST